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Kent Hayhurst- The Three Most Important Things I Learned Growing Up In Tulia


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Tim Johnson--January 3, 2021
"A New Point of View-
Where Did You Get Your Picture?"

Tim Johnson--January 10, 2021
"A New Point of View-
When the Battle Chooses You"

Tim Johnson--January 17, 2021
"Blessed Are-Poor In Spirit"

Tim Johnson--January 24, 2021
"Blessed Are-Those Who Mourn"

Benny Baker--January 31, 2021
"In Faith"

Tim Johnson--February 7, 2021
"Blessed Are-The Meek"

Tim Johnson--February 21, 2021
"Blessed Are-The Merciful"

Tim Johnson--February 28, 2021
"Blessed Are-The Pure in Heart"

Tim Johnson--March 9, 2021
"Blessed Are-The Peacemakers"

Andrew Shipley--March 14, 2021
"Like Jonah"

Tim Johnson--March 21, 2021
"Blessed Are-The Persecuted"

Tim Johnson--March 28, 2021
"Matters of the Heart-
People Matter No Matter What"

Tim Johnson--April 4, 2021
"Matters of the Heart-
Do You Believe?"

Tim Johnson--April 11, 2021
"The New Normal-Letting Go"

Tim Johnson--April 18, 2021
"The New Normal-
Theology Mixology"

Tim Johnson--April 25, 2021
"The New Normal-Recycled"

Tim Johnson--May 2, 2021
"The New Normal-
What Love Rescues"

Tim Johnson--May 9, 2021
"The New Normal-
Redefining Terms"

Tim Johnson--May 16, 2021
"How You Doing?  Fine-Good-Okay"

Tim Johnson--May 23, 2021
"How You Doing?
I Don't Want to Talk About It"

Tim Johnson--May 30, 2021
"How You Doing?  Stressed Out"

Tim Johnson--June 6, 2021
"How You Doing?  Not That Great"

Tim Johnson--June 13, 2021
"How You Doing?  I'm Tired"

Tim Johnson--June 20, 2021
"How You Doing? I've Had Enough"

Tim Johnson--June 27, 2021
"Time Keeps on Slipping-
Into the Future"

Kent Merenes--July 4, 2021
Lesson from Psalm 23

Justin Brown--July 11, 2021
"The Kingdom of God"

Tim Johnson--July 18, 2021
"Let's Get Real--Relevant"

Tim Johnson--July 25, 2021
"Let's Get Real--Engage"

Tim Johnson--August 1, 2021
"Let's Get Real--Authentic Witness"

Tim Johnson--August 8, 2021
"Life-giving Farmers"

Tim Johnson--August 15, 2021
"Don't Give Up-On Your Marriage"

Tim Johnson--August 22, 2021
"Don't Give Up-On Each Other"

Tim Johnson--August 29, 2021
"Don't Give Up-On God"

Tim Johnson--September 5, 2021
"Can't Stop Won't Stop-
Storm the Gates"

Tim Johnson--September 12, 2021
"Can't Stop Won't Stop-
Playground or Battleground"

Tim Johnson--September 19, 2021
"Can't Stop Won't Stop-
A Preposition Changes Everything"

Tim Johnson--September 26, 2021
"Me and My Big Mouth-
Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak"

Tim Johnson--October 3, 2021
"Me and My Big Mouth-
The Untamable Tongue"

Tim Johnson--October 17, 2021
"Me and My Big Mouth-
Why My Words Matter"